$109 Turbo

dpottz Final Table of $109turbo on FTP

1/9—of course he chip lead 🙂

and thats why I hate turbos’ major swings….gg 8th place finish :/

BUT…its OK, hes C. lead again in the $26plh(ftp)—1/14

*PassdaBlunt also in, whom FT’ed the 33nl(dbl stack) as well earlier..gl to both.*(semi-apart of Z. crew, living in Scottsdale AZ)



Murs420 @ two Finals on FTP:

$5.5mtt and $11(6max): 2/6 in $5 2/5 in the $11(6max) gl man.

WOWOW, gl heads up in both mtts!!!!! finished 2nd in both, gg’s tho.

it was a joke at first…

we all play around and joke…dpottz the warden making ft’s daily, and winning mtts’ on a reggie.

he really does @ least Final Table 1 mtt a day(if he plays), if not win it. He won a $55mtt on bodog last night for $1200, I didnt even post it, even tho I knew he did bcuz its basically like a reggie player from Zona Crew ‘making the money’ in an MTT. (which is not post worthy) anyways dpottz, keep it up and gl.

lol….another Chip Leader(18left)

these posts are semi-getting old, but @ least Zcrew is putting up solid results…

Dpottz 1/16 in the 33nl(dbl stack) on FTP.

2/9 33nl and finished 5th in a $75/45man, while mtt-ing both FT’s at once. finished 3rd

another Chip Leader–the czar19

1/150(approx) in the $27.5 on stars 8.5k for first. GL (90k @ 6/1200)

Keep crushing it Brian, sitting nice 1/45(1500+)


3/18(500K @ 5/10k)

UBER lame, lost a flip w/ around 15 left, gg :/

chip leader/$120knockout mtt

CRACKENaces 1/9 on FTP 6K+ for first, plz t.i.d

ABSO. UNREAL, sry Elliz, gg tho. (8th)

1K Monday Final Table(ftp)

Hisxlnc–sitting in semi-good position; 2/9–270K @ 2500/5000K. gl. only 93 for first.

finished 4th for 34K(app). vgg Lee.

*sidenote* Bdubs deep in the 109(30k) on stars w/ 50k @ 5/1k(4 tables left). gl