The “Zona Crew” is a combination of 10-20 online poker players who mainly reside in or around Tucson, Arizona, however memebership stretches from Washington, to Illinois, to New York. Each member specializes in their own poker area, but combined we should have a few posters who excel in each individual poker game (whether it be Cash games, mtts, or sngs). more to come….

Conctact us at via email at zonacrew@gmail.com


4 Responses to “About”

  1. mrbinkage Says:

    no love for vegas

  2. Andrew Says:

    Yo. I also play on PS. I saw you in an SnG coincidentally. It’s my easiest game. Anyhow I don’t know if PS is rigged but I do have a hard time there. I won 1st easy in a 3000+ man tourny in PP, and on UBN I do pretty well with the cash games. The PS players play tight aggressive and then all of a sudden they decide to bump back with K T offsuit or some junk preflop or perhaps with a little pair after the flop and somehow bust you drawing out. It’s so common I vowed never to play very large PS tourneys until I can consistently win in the freerolls (hasn’t happened on a consistent basis).

    When I play tight aggressive and get my money in when I know I’m up, some maniac decides to gamble (or sometimes all of a sudden the whole table goes maniacal) and of course I get drawn out on, or if I play loose aggressive, someone shows me a hand that I called/raised on based on calculated a positive EV for a play. Anyhow, either the competition at PS is quite stiff, or I don’t fit the style there and don’t fare well, or it’s rigged.

    Anyhow good luck with the real-life tourney’s. I’m thinking of transitioning as well.

  3. DEAN Says:

    nah u were right first time , its rigged . Have a nice day šŸ™‚

  4. Tim Bloom Says:


    I graduated from the U of A in 2005 with a degree in Animal Science. In an attempt to use my degree and get closer to my parents I moved back to San Antonio.

    I loved Arizona and still do. I need to be part of a group that I can contribute to and get better from. I feel I’m a pretty good poker player but I haven’t had my breakthrough yet and the ZCrew is filled with much better players than I. I’m a student to the game and so I ask, what would it take for me to become a part of your group?


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