Murs420 @ two Finals on FTP:

$5.5mtt and $11(6max): 2/6 in $5 2/5 in the $11(6max) gl man.

WOWOW, gl heads up in both mtts!!!!! finished 2nd in both, gg’s tho.


9 Responses to “MULTI-TASKAMENTS”

  1. The Leaf Says:


  2. theczar19 Says:

    daaamn gg’s Derek!

  3. cubs567 Says:

    Very nice! Gg

  4. jr125 Says:

    nicely done sir

  5. Lee Gaines Says:

    Damn Derrick, nice job. Heads up in two different MTTs at the same time? How much did you cash for?

  6. bdubs3737 Says:

    congrats sur

  7. murs316 Says:

    I got $200 for the $5 mtt and $212 for the 10 6-max,playing two hu matches for the tourney was pretty intense too bad I couldnt pull off a dbl. win but I ll take what I can get.

  8. davidpotts Says:

    nice job derrick! is this all from that $10.60?

  9. murs316 Says:

    ya it was a 6 max late night ,there was something like 120 peps

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