4 handed in $10 10 min levels, 3k for 1st. CHIP LEADA SON, glgl

3 handed


2nd for 2k, gg


8 Responses to “TheDonator42”

  1. murs316 Says:

    2k for a $10 investment,wow gg

  2. marinersheep Says:

    He still plays poker?

  3. cubs567 Says:

    Thanks for the rail leaf, you def. helped big time!

  4. beckaa Says:

    good job man!!!! the 10min levels are not east mtts! props!

  5. The Leaf Says:

    Nor are they west or south for that matter, haha just playin obv adam. np, anytime…cant win at the tables, might as well rail those who can and maybe learn a thang or two

  6. brentwheeler Says:

    fdsiofofasd;jf;lksd jldksnsdaknf j;ldasl;fjdasfl;kjasdklfdsalf;jndaskf

    SEND ME MY 950!!!!!


    the old come out of retirement, crush a tourny routine….how mnay times you gonna do this?

  7. davidpotts Says:


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